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Riot in Gujo

Riot in Gujo (2000)


112 min

Country: Japan

Director: Seijiro Koyama

Actors: Arata FurutaAtsuko SudoGin MaedaHiromi IwasakiHiroshi InuzukaKei YamamotoMichiko HayashiNaoto OgataSaburô ShinodaTomoe Hiiro

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Naoto Ogata plays Sadajiro, a young farmer fighting out the battle of the riot through to the end. Sadajiro’s wife is played by Hiromi Iwasaki, his father is played by Go Kato and Ryuzo Hayashi plays a leader of the Riot. The Riot in Gujo is called one of the biggest three riots in the Edo Period as it took almost 5 years to settle and also involved the Edo government. This movie is a period film about the riot and Gujo farmers fighting for their tenacity of purpose. The farmers had suffered enough from heavy taxes and decided to rise up in riot when the domain lord, Yorikane, issued a new act, which practically forced tax increases. Asking the lord to retract the act, they pour down to the Hachiman Castle. For once they attain the repeal deed signed by the chief retainer. However the promise is broken. Now the farmers decide to make a direct plea to the Edo Residence…This film is full tension and breathless moments.

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