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Safari 5000

Safari 5000 (1969)


177 min

Director: Koreyoshi Kurahara

Actors: Emmanuelle RivaJûzô ItamiRuriko AsaokaTatsuya NakadaiToshirô MifuneYûjirô Ishihara

Genres: Action

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

In safari of torrid and all the Yujiro Ishihara is galloping bet, powerful rally and the beauty of the heroine of Ruriko Asaoka! Europe, were dared Africa long-term location, romanticism overflowing masterpiece! to sprint the burning of safari wilderness, a dream of a man who bet on the race . the Grand Prix Nissan team fulfilled the 1960s Japan is proud, Koreyoshi Kurahara director of allies and Yujiro is, Europe, and dared Africa long-term location powerful movie! “I Hate But Love” as a masterpiece of a number of Kurahara supervision in Yujiro and Ruriko Asaoka death has been co-star is, and dressed to hero lover challenge to fight you bet the life and death, the adult man and woman of the drama is expanded.

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