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Samurai Chicks

Samurai Chicks (2004)


72 min

Country: Japan

Director: Mari Asato

Actors: Ayano TachibanaChiaki ÔtaKanji TsudaMasayoshi HanedaMegumi ShôjiRafTomomi Miyashita

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

On of the southernmost islands of Japan, there’s a dance school ‘Orion Dancers Academy’. Hiding its public identity as a training school of singers and dancers, it actually operates as a girl-warrior training school, in order to win independence of the island. The secretly trained agents watch the music video of charismatic idol Cocoe on a huge TV monitor, and unlock codes from her dancing to complete their missions. However, the dark shadow of a rival organization slowly sneaks up on the girls and the training school on the island.

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