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112 min

Country: FranceJapan

Director: Koji Fukada

Actors: Bryerly LongGeminoid F.Hirofumi AraiIrène JacobJérôme KircherMakiko MurataNijiro MurakamiNoémie NakaiYuko Kibiki

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The world’s first human-android acting duo, called Android Theater Project, is the collaborative brainchild of noted Japanese playwright Oriza Hirata and the leading robotics scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro. “Sayonara” is a remakable android play and has been adapted to feature film by the acclaimed filmmaker Koji Fukada (Hospitalité, Au revoir l’été). In this film project the setting of the story is largely expanded, depicting time and space in a way which can only be achieved in film, examining life and death though the communication between dying human and immortal android.

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