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Scissor Penis Trailer

Scissor Penis (2019)

本当はエログロいイソップ寓話 シザーチンP

87 min

Country: Japan

Director: Naoyuki TomomatsuTaira Takano

Actors: Hiroshi GunjiKirie KawasakiMaki AoyamaMarie Aoi The ThirdRen MiyamuraRin OgawaRyô AsagiriSasa HandaShijimiTakeshi Nakazawa

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Pinku

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Scissor Penis | Kametaro Deba faces difficulty immense difficulty with women, and even after he finally marries, he enjoys a sexless life where his wife is cheats on him. He kills her and dumps the body parts in the mountains, where his wife’s ghost curses him and causes him to turn into a monster called “Scissor Penis”.

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