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See You Tomorrow, Everyone

See You Tomorrow, Everyone (2013)


120 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura

Actors: BengalGaku HamadaKana KurashinaKento NagayamaNaomi OrtegaNene OtsukaTanaka Kei

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

4.7/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

After Satoru Watarai graduated from elementary school, he dropped out of school and decided to live within his apartment complex, never to venture outside. Satoru Watari then meets his old friends as they are coming back from their middle school classes. Satoru has now gotten a job at a cake shop within the apartment complex and eventually gets engaged to one of his friends. Satoru, still lives within the apartment complex only, but, as time passes, more of his friends leave ..

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