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She-Cop Shoot The Dirty Rapist

She-Cop Shoot The Dirty Rapist (2006)

牝刑事 催淫レイプ犯を撃て!

69 mins

Director: Daigo Udagawa

Actors: Chika TakagiHiromi AoyamaMitsuhiro KoizumiMiwa

Genres: Crime, Pinku

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

She-Cop Shoot The Dirty Rapist. When investigating multiple cases of rape and murder of single women, the criminal police found that the victims were all subjected to the same brutal treatment. Later, the police arrested a suspect of a “tram man” with the semen left behind. When the police investigated further, it was discovered that the murderer might be someone else. While the case was complicated, the truth was unexpected…

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