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Shinjuku Outlaw

Shinjuku Outlaw (1994)


96 min

Country: Japan

Director: Takashi Miike

Actors: HakuryûHiroyuki WatanabeKiyoshi NakajoRuby MorenoTatsuo YamadaYumi Iori

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Subtitle: English

3.78/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

Shoichi Yomi bravely fights in an attempt to end an underworld battle in Hiroshima and as a result becomes a vegetable. Ten years later, Yomi comes to his senses and visits his former sworn brother, Eto, in Shinjuku. The devious Tagami, Yomi’s old enemy, is well acquainted with the Okumura gang which controlled Shinjuku. Learning of Yomi recovery, Tagami plots to line his own pockets by maneuvering the Okumura gang and a Taiwanese gang, between which a fight is about to erupt. Meanwhile, Yomi lends his help to the Okumura gang in order to save Eto, who has taken liberties with the family’s money. Everything appears to go according to Tagami’s plot, but in the chaotic town where evil competes and desires surge, two outlaws boldly rise above…

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