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Shinsengumi: Assassins of Honor

Shinsengumi: Assassins of Honor (1969)


122 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tadashi SawashimaTeruo Maru

Actors: Junko IkeuchiKan'emon NakamuraKeiju KobayashiKinnosuke NakamuraKinya KitaojiToshirô MifuneUmenosuke NakamuraYôko TsukasaYumiko NogawaYuriko Hoshi

Genres: Action, Drama, History

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Near the end of the nineteenth century, as the balance of power shifts from Shogunate towards the Emperor, Japan restlessly awaits the dawning of a new age. But not all are content…The Shinsengumi, a small army of samurai, farmers and peasants, band together to do battle against the tide of history. Their leader, Isami Kondo is a man who rises from farmer to fighter to head the fierce Shinsengumi brigade. Using a stern hand and a heart of gold, he rallies his men in defense of the tottering Shogunate. But bloodshed and treachery lurk around every corner.

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