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Sing Salmon Sing Trailer

Sing Salmon Sing (2008)


120 min

Country: Japan

Director: Makoto Tanaka

Actors: AkikoEri TokunagaGoriHideo IshiguroHiroko YakushimaruKahoKanpei HazamaRie TomosakaSayuri IwataYukiko Yabe

Genres: Comedy, Music

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

High school student Kasumi Ogino is a member of the school choir and after years of praise for her singing voice thinks she is the absolute bee’s knees. When the object of her desires, classmate and photographer Junichi Makimura, asks Kasumi is he can photograph her singing she accepts, thinking this means she is beautiful as well. However the end result is a comical shot of Kasumi with her mouth wide open, which Makimura likes to a hungry salmon! Distraught by the ensuing humiliation, Kasumi quits the choir, until she is encouraged to return by an unlikely counsel – the brutish leader of thuggish rival all male choir, Hiroshi Gondo.

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