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Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread Trailer

Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread (1974)

女必殺拳 危機一発

85 min

Country: Japan

Director: Akihisa OkamotoKazuhiko Yamaguchi

Actors: Asao UchidaEtsuko ShihomiHideaki NagaiHideo Murota…Kôji FujiyamaKôji HioMadame JoyMasashi IshibashiShôhei YamamotoTamayo Mitsukawa

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Koryu heads to Yokohama in search of a woman named Birei, kidnapped by diamond smugglers who move their hot rocks by surgically implanting them into the nubile buttocks of Chinese prostitutes. Koryu’s older sister, working as a jewelry designer, is secretly, if unhappily, involved with the gangsters.

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