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S&M Chapter 2

S&M Chapter 2 (2010)

SとM 第二章

72 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yutaka Ogi

Actors: Haruka NishimotoHiroaki KawatsuraRika KawamuraRyohei OdaiSora AoiTakeshi Yamamoto

Genres: Drama, Pinku, Thriller

Subtitle: English

2.08/ 5 3 votes
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Movie plot

S&M Chapter 2 Saya had planned a scheme so that Sakiko, who works under Makoto, would witness her sexual affair with Makoto in the office. Makoto’s home is about to become a broken one when his wife Sachiko is told of her husband’s unfaithful doings. Saya, simmering with bottomless vengeance, exploits Hayakawa, Makoto’s daughter’s private tutor, to lure Sachiko into committing adultery… and in the end, nothing can hold down sexual desires!

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