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Su-ki-da Trailer



104 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hiroshi Ishikawa

Actors: Aoi MiyazakiEita NagayamaHidetoshi NishijimaHiromi NagasakuMaho NonamiNao OmoriRyô Kase…Sayuri Oyamada

Genres: Romance

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Yu is a shy 17 year old girl who sits down next to Yosuke as he plays his guitar. Yosuke only plays a few lines over and over, as he tries to make a song from what he feels. One day Yu takes the initiative and kisses Yosuke. Yosuke responds by picking up his guitar and going home. Years later Yu wonders, “Why did I cry? Why didn’t I stop crying? Why?”..while Yosuke wonders “Why did I run away from you that time?” Fast forward seventeen years later. They haven’t seen each since their days in high school and now have moved on with their separate and empty lives. That is until one day they randomly meet during an audition. They agree to go out together after work for drinks. As the evening turns into the early morning, Yosuke finally kisses Yu. Yu agrees to meet him again and Yosuke goes home to get his acoustic guitar. While on his way to meet Yu, fate deals a strange twist to their plans, perhaps this will be the moment where they can finally say “Sukida.”

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