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The Daughter of the Samurai

The Daughter of the Samurai (1937)

Atarashiki tsuchi

114 min

Country: GermanyJapan

Director: Arnold FanckMansaku Itami

Actors: Eiji TakagiHaruyo IchikawaIsamu KosugiKichiji NakamuraMax HinderNisao TokiwaRuth EwelerSessue HayakawaSetsuko HaraYuriko Hanabusa

Genres: Romance

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

At the invitation of the Japanese Ministry of Education, the former “mountain filmer” Fanck directed this “cultural feature film” with Japanese actors in Japan, making this the first, German-Japanese co-production. The young Japanese man Teruo gets caught up in a conflict between tradition and modernism, when he returns to Japan from Germany after having spent a number of years there studying. Now, he is supposed to marry Mitsuko, the daughter of his adoptive father, to whom Teruo has long been promised. But Teruo, who has gotten to know the freedoms of the western world, would rather marry the woman he loves and behaves brusquely to Mitsuko.

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