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The Fight of the Gamblers

The Fight of the Gamblers

男の紋章 風雲双つ竜

91 min

Country: Japan

Director: Akinori Matsuo

Actors: Akifumi InoueEijirô TônoHideki TakahashiHiroshi KondôIsao FujitaMasako IzumiShôki FukaeToshio SugiyamaYoshi KatôYukiko Todoroki

Genres: Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Ryuji Oshima, a gambler, kills Saiga in self-defense, and considering himself unfit to lead men, secludes himself in a temple to atone for his misdeeds. At home, when his mother, the boss of a construction gang, bids for and gets the job of building the Town Hall, other gangs set out to disrupt her business and try to kill her.

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