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The Gambling Samurai

The Gambling Samurai


101 min

Country: Japan

Director: Senkichi TaniguchiTeruo Maru

Actors: Daisuke KatôEijirô TônoKumi MizunoMichiyo AratamaNakamura Kanzaburō XVIIISusumu FujitaTetsurō TambaToshirô MifuneYû Fujiki

Genres: Adventure, Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

4.9/ 5 4 votes
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Movie plot

Chuji Kunisada returns to his home village to find that Jubei Matsui, the corrupt magistrate, has been responsible for virtually destroying Kunisada’s family. A final tragedy leads Kunisada to join with a band of rogues living in the forest in robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, always with an eye toward avenging himself on Magistrate Matsui.

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