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The King and His Vassal

The King and His Vassal (1981)

90 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuo Mori

Actors: Chikako YuriEijirô TônoJun InoueKen TanakaMasao KomatsuTakanobu HozumiYoshie Ichige

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

This is a story of Takechiyo, the previous name of Iemitsu Tokunaga, the third Shogun. Takechiyo get fed-up of daily run-of-the-mill tasks and it puts him off being the Shogun. Then, Hikozaemon Ookubo takes him to Tasuke Isshin to turn him into a full-fledged and admirable man.

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