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The Notorious Bored Samurai 2

The Notorious Bored Samurai 2 (1988)

ご存知!旗本退屈男Ⅱ 薩摩に倒幕の謀反!

91 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Akinori Matsuo

Actors: Hiro KomuraHiroyuki NagatoKazuko KatoKinya KitaojiMariko FujiMasaaki SakaiRenji Ishibashi…

Genres: Action, Drama, History

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The Notorious Bored Samurai 2 | The Satsuma clan conspires with key figures in the shogunate to overthrow the government. However, the head inspector, Naito Yamashiro no Kami, cannot find the sworn statement of rebellion and takes responsibility by ending his own life. This deeply affects Mondonosuke Saotome, who was close to Yamashiro no Kami and who is known for his restless nature. Seeking an audience with Shogun Tsunayoshi to request a view of the sworn statement, Mondonosuke Saotome is granted permission to go to Satsuma. He sets off on this journey accompanied by Sasao Kinai and Yamashiro no Kami’s sister, Shizue . However, on the way, they are attacked by a group of mountain monks. Mondonosuke Saotome manages to repel the monks in a brawl but becomes separated from Kinai and Shizue. Afterward, he encounters a mysterious woman named Oren, and with her guidance, he finally arrives in Satsuma.

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