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The Red Silk Gambler

The Red Silk Gambler (1972)


86 min

Country: Japan

Director: Teruo Ishii

Actors: Asao KoikeEiko NakamuraHiroko FujiHiroshi NawaJunko MatsudairaMinoru ÔkiReiichi Hatanaka…Reiko IkeSanae TsuchidaShingo Yamashiro

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

With her first love that unfolded in the battlefield in her heart, and with a short sword and a pillbox as her weapons, female gambler Okatsu the Tiger Lily travels from gambling site to gambling site. Surrounding her are Omon, an outlaw star blind lone gambler; Onaka, a thief who’s after Okatsu to avenge her father’s death; Ohide, a tattoo artist whose back is covered by a dragon tattoo; and Oryu, a young girl sold as a prostitute to a gambling family.

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