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The Rug Cop

The Rug Cop (2006)


80 min

Country: Japan

Director: Minoru Kawasaki

Actors: Ai IijimaFuyuki MotoHideo NakanoIjirî OkadaMai HashimotoRakkyo IdeRyôji KanôYakan NabeYoshiro NakamatsuYusuke Kirishima

Genres: Action, Comedy

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The Rug Cop | A spot-on, hilarious spoof of 1970s Japanese TV cop shows, THE RUG COP follows chrome-domed officer Genda as he transfers to a new precinct just as a group of radical terrorists hijack a shipment of uranium and deliver a ransom demand of five billion yen. Genda and his crack team of detectives must solve the case using their peculiar abilities: champion eater Detective Fatty, abnormally endowed Detective Big Dick, speedy weightlifter Detective Shorty, and ladies man Mr. Handsome. But most dangerous of all is the Rug Cop, whose projectile toupee proves lethal to wrongdoers! Kawasaki s unique comic genius and his love of vintage cop shows combine to produce a silly masterpiece that will have viewers truly believing in Rug Power!

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