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The T-Back Game

The T-Back Game (2002)

Tバック水上騎馬戦 女だらけの水泳大会

75 min

Country: Japan

Director: Jirô IshikawaSaito Kazuo

Actors: Eiji NakamuraIkuma SaishoKoharu YamasakiMai KuramotoMikiya Sanada

Genres: Pinku

Subtitle: English

4.55/ 5 6 votes
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Movie plot

The T-Back Game | Yuki is hunger and dreams to become a great star. Although she joins a talent company to train herself, she gets no improvement as all her job is not directly related to any acting role. When she feels upset and disappointed about her future, her company requests her to join a T-Back Water Game from a TV station. At the same time, Yuki is broken up with her boyfriends. What will happen in the T-Back Water Game?

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