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The Trail of Blood

The Trail of Blood (1972)

無宿人御子神の丈吉 牙は引き裂いた

87 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuo Ikehiro

Actors: Etsuko IchiharaKaoru KusudaKatsuo NakamuraKayo MatsuoKôji NanbaraMaki MizuharaRyôko NakanoSanae KitabayashiTôru MinegishiYoshio Harada

Genres: Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Can a sinful man change and find peace? It’s unlikely in gang-plagued Japan. Jokichi of Mikogami, a drifter (and hired sword), goes straight after protecting a woman in distress: they marry, have a son, and Jokichi pursues his father’s craft. After three years, the gangs he embarrassed when he saved his wife find the family and leave Jokichi in grief, vowing revenge. To parry his terrible swift sword, rival gangs join forces, hiring a prostitute to pose as a woman needing help and breaking the code of honor to double cross the drifter. He finds unlikely allies: a thief who aids him for fun and a one-eyed swordsman who may be Jokichi’s equal in skill and honor.

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