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The Tree of Love

The Tree of Love (1938)

Aizen katsura

89 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hiromasa Nomura

Actors: Fumiko KatsuragiHideo FujinoKen UeharaKenji OyamaKinuyo TanakaMasami MorikawaMichiko KuwanoMitsuko MitoShin SaburiYutaka Mimasu

Genres: Drama, Romance

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

A young doctor, Kozo Tsumura, falls for young nurse Katsue Takaishi. But she’s got a secret: she’s a widow with a son. Kozo and Katsue decide to run away to Kyoto, but her child suddenly became sick and she just missed the train and Kozo. She makes it to Kyoto finally, but is unable to meet him. Plus she isn’t accepted into Kyoto society. She goes back to her hometown and tries to forget him. She quits the hospital to concentrate on her singing. She makes her professional debut with the hit “Aizen Katsura”. Kozo is in the audience.

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