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The Unruly Ronin’s Journey

The Unruly Ronin’s Journey (1991)


143 min

Country: Japan

Director: Mio Ezaki

Actors: Go WakabayashiHiroshi TachiMasaki KandaMuga TakewakiNagisa KatahiraTaro KawanoTetsuya WatariYoko Minamino

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The Unruly Ronin’s Journey | A ronin named Azami Onijuro travels the Nikko Highway, he is being followed by the bounty hunter Daihachi and Yukata Danzen. He is pursued by his past as a covert spy under Lord Matsudaira. Due to certain circumstances, Onijuro betrayed him and became a wandering ronin. Ever since, he’s been hunted by Matsudaira’s subordinates and bounty hunters. After saving the tough and fiery woman Omom from yakuza trouble, Onijuro and his companions head to Akame-shuku (inn town). Here, a conflict brews between the Tsurugame family led by Genroku and the lawless monk group led by Tetsuzan, a former sumo wrestler gone rogue. Onijuro sides with Tetsuzan, while Daihachi and Danzen side with Genroku. This intricate web of allegiances and confrontations unfolds against the backdrop of the bustling post-town.

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