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The Venus Tear Diamond

The Venus Tear Diamond (1971)


107 min

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Umetsugu Inoue

Actors: Choe Ji-sukLee KwanLily Ho Li-LiLing YunPark Ji-HyeonTwist Kim

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Romance

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Movie plot

Legendary jewel thieves “Nocturnal Earl” (Ling Yun) and “Fragrant Night” (Lily Ho) are set on a collision course for destiny when both arrive in Japan to get their hands on the famous “Venus Tear Diamond.” But sparks fly between the jewel thieves and the two fall instantly in love, without knowing that their beloved is after the very jewel each is seeking! To make matters worse, the diamond is in the possession of a randy widow who has her eye on the debonair male thief, and there’s even a mystery man interested in the widow, too. Who’s going to get the Venus Tear Diamond, and will it mean the end to a perfect love?

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