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The Wicked Reporter 3: The One That Got Away

The Wicked Reporter 3: The One That Got Away (1996)

新・極道記者 逃げ馬伝説

109 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuhiko NakamuraRokuro Mochizuki

Actors: Atsushi NarasakaEiji OkudaJuro KaraKim Soo-jinMakoto KakedaMasakazu ItouMayuko AiharaMiko KanayaaNoriko HayamiSatoshi Shinohara

Genres: Pinku

Subtitle: No Subtitle

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Movie plot

A couple years have passed, Matsuzaki is divorced and has a daughter and is still up to his old compulsive gambling, boozing and womanizing even as he stares middle age in the face. At his daughter’s school he meets a teacher who’s similarily obsessed with horserace betting and who’s also frigid – something he does his best to therapize. He also reconnects with his ex-wife, who just so happens to be the literary agent and love interest of another writer of the gambling genre. An epic gambling battle between the two ensues.

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