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Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends (2005)


60 min

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Country: Japan

Director: Kôzô Nagayama

Actors: Ai OtsukaEita NagayamaKazuki KitamuraKei TanakaMao KobayashiRio MatsumotoRyuta SatoTakashi ItōYoko MakiYuta Hiraoka

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Tokyo Friends is a Japanese television drama released on June 3, 2005. Unlike many other dramas, it was never aired on TV but released as a set of 3 DVDs. Volumes one and two contain the first 4 episodes while volume three contains the last episode. Each episode is approximately 70 minutes.

The Tokyo Friends Premium Box was also released which includes all 5 episodes, a bonus DVD, and 12 postcards. Although this is a very typical Tokyo-story and was never aired on TV, it was quite successful probably because it was Ai Otsuka’s debut as an actress.

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