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Tora-San 17 – Tora-San’s Sunrise and Sunset Trailer

Tora-San 17 – Tora-San’s Sunrise and Sunset (1976)

Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro yuuyake koyake

109 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yôji Yamada

Actors: Akira TeraoChieko BaishôChieko MisakiGin MaedaHisao Dazai…Jûkichi UnoKiwako TaichiKiyoshi AtsumiMasami ShimojôYoshiko Okada

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Subtitle: English

4.93/ 5 8 votes
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Movie plot

Mitsuo is about to study grade school and his uncle Tora-san is back to celebrate the occasion with the family. He goes out for a drink that night and meets a drunken old man who cannot even pay for his own drink. Tora-san pities him and let him stay at his house for the night. The old man thought that he is living in a hotel and begins to order Tora-san around. When he finds out the truth, he feels very sorry and draws some sketches on the papers. Tora-san tries to sell it and it is sold at 70,000 yen! He finally finds out that this old man is one of Japan’s greatest painters Ikenouchi Seikan. Tora-san travels and meets the painter again. They meet a passionate geisha, Botan, on the road. Botan’s money is swindled and Tora-san tries his best to help.

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