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Violence Without a Cause

Violence Without a Cause (1970)

現代性犯罪絶叫篇 理由なき暴行

72 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuo 'Gaira' KomizuKōji Wakamatsu

Actors: Ei TôjôIzumi SuzukiJirô ShibuyaJôji IchimuraKazuya JôMuraoka HiroshiToshimasa SakaguchiYôko NakamuraYuko EjimaYuko Ohama

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Three violent and disillusioned students share an apartment. Their search for a place in society is through porn, fights, rape, and voyeurism. Not even leftist, militant student organizations are able to channel their youthful frustration.

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