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Wandering Himeshiro

Wandering Himeshiro (1982)


92 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hiroyoshi Tezeni

Actors: Akio SaionjiEiko HoriiHayato Tani…Ikkô FuruyaKazuhiro FukuzakiKojin TokudaMasumi JunNana OkadaTakashi EnamiToshihachi Kato

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Himeshiro is a wandering yakuza, his father was the best doctor in the eight provinces of the Kanto region, and Himeshiro took over the knowledge of medicine from his father. If he encounters a sick person on the way, he uses his right hand, wrapped in a rosary, to give medical attention, while if he sees a bad person, he draws his sword with his left hand and uses it to punish the evildoers. So he travels on the verge of life and death along the Nakasendo highway…

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