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Wandering Wolf: Ryu the Branded Cross

Wandering Wolf: Ryu the Branded Cross (1972)


50 min

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Country: Japan

Director: Michiyoshi DoiMinoru MatsushimaShinnosuke RyuYasutada Nagano

Actors: Go WakabayashiJerry FujioKenji ImaiKinnosuke NakamuraShinsuke Ashida

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Wandering Wolf: Ryu the Branded Cross | Based on the novel of the same name by Jiro Ikushima, this drama series aired on NET TV (now TV Asahi) in 1972 for a total of 26 episodes. Starring the talented actor Kennosuke Yorozuya, who had previously shown his skills in various period films such as “Mabuta no Haha,” “Seki no Yatappe,” and “Kutsukake Tokijiro: Yoyo ichi-hiki,” the show follows the tragic hero and is sure to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline. Viewers are sure to be drawn into the drama and root for the protagonist as the story unfolds.

Episodes name:

01-The Unkillable Dragon’s Wounded Heart
02-The Dragon’s Judgment on the Island Outlaw
03-The Dragon and the Boy
04-The Dragon’s Bloody Letter of Challenge
05-Two Dragons
06-The Female Thief Who Betrayed the Dragon
07-The Dragon, the Mountain Path, and the Umbrella
08-A Shadow Pointing at the Dragon
09-The Sword Dance That Angers the Dragon
10-The Fugitive Abandoned by the Dragon
11-Counterattack at Noon
12-The Fiery Woman Who Loved the Dragon
13-Deadly Pursuit
14-The Mysterious Messenger
15-The Archery Woman Who Warned about the Trap
16-An Azalea Flower in Dragon’s Heart
17-The Samurai Merchant
18-The Drunken Samurai
19-The Smile of the Killer
20-The Fury of the Jester of Joshu
21-The Unraveling of the Conspiracy
22-Deathly Battle in the Ghost Town
23-The Gunslinger of the Bakumatsu
24-The Ninth Assassin
25-The Cry of the Hell Valley.

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