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Wet Vase

Wet Vase (1976)


69 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masao AsadaMasaru Konuma

Actors: Hirokazu InoueHiroko FujiKyoko NaitôMaki MizunoMichio HinoNamiko KajikawaNaomi TaniShinshô NakamaruShûji KagawaYôko Azusa

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

2.8/ 5 2 votes

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Movie plot

Naomi Tani plays bar-owner Aki, whose entire world appears to be crumbing whenever she discovers her husband is having an affair along with her own mama. Truly the only individual she can trust is Iwasaki, the woman club supervisor. One time, she asks Iwasaki to accompay her to a company meeting with a trader Hanamatsu, the owner of a mannequin factory. At the warehouse, Miss Aki is abnormally aroused when she sees Hanamatsu toching the mannequins. She allows by herself to be seduced by the businessman…

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