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What’s Up Connection Trailer

What’s Up Connection (1990)


120 min

Country: Hong KongJapan

Director: Masashi YamamotoMichael WongNobuhiro SuwaToru Kataoka

Actors: Cheung Wing-KwanChui Kwong LamHideo Murota…Li CheongMichiko SuzukiReiko AraiToshinori KondoTsang Mei KieTse Wai-KitTuen

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

When a Hong Kong teenager from a poor family wins a trip to Japan, he unleashes a chain of events that will soon bring him from his secluded fishing village to Tokyo. On the way, he connects with a barely competent tour guide and a gender-fluid pickpocket. Upon returning home with this merry band of schemers, he and his family of counterfeiters discover that a multinational conglomerate led by a ruthless Japanese developer has found the village, and is determined to raze it to build the new center of world trade.

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