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Woman Diver’s Terror

Woman Diver’s Terror (1957)


73 min

Country: Japan

Director: Toshio Shimura

Actors: Arata ShibataAsao MatsumotoEiji WakasugiKyôji KokonoeMasayo BanriMichiko MaedaShigeru OguraShinji ArimaSôzaburô KikuchiUtako Mitsuya

Genres: Adventure

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Chie, who’s chosen as ‘Ms. Woman Diver’, and her friend Yuki, have been missing for several days after they left for Tokyo to be interviewed by a magazine. Later, Yuki is found dead in the sea. Yoshi, Chie’s sister, along with sailor Shunsuke, try to find Chie. Soon they learn about a conspiracy with diamonds in a ship sunk in the sea.

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