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A Revengeful Raid

A Revengeful Raid (1962)

次郎長と小天狗 殴り込み甲州路

82 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masahiro Makino

Actors: Eijirô YanagiHideo HongoHiroshi TonegawaJerry FujioKenji SusukidaKinnosuke NakamuraKinya KitaojiMichitarô MizushimaTetsuko KobayashiYuriko Mishima

Genres: Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

In this tale of bravery and honor among the roving gamblers of old Japan, the heroic Jirocho, Boss of the Tokaido is called upon to help a young yakuza named Eijiro after he runs afoul of the new samurai officials who have taken over his hometown. Expertly portrayed by Kitaoji Kinya (son of the all-time great star Ichikawa Utaemon), this young man stands up for the townspeople and puts his life on the line. Jirocho, played by superstar Nakamura Kinnosuke, a boss known for his honor and valor soon finds himself involved in the feud which will only end in a brutal showdown.

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