Movie by Actor: Eijirô Yanagi



Dice and Swords
Rebellion of Japan
A Revengeful Raid
Bijomaru’s Famous Sword
Portrait of Madame Yuki
Miss Oyu
Hunting Rifle
Case of Umon: The Nanbanzame Murders
The Scent of Incense
Always in My Heart Part 3
Always in My Heart Part 2
Bushido, Samurai Saga
Destiny’s Son
Lucky Adventurer Oda Nobunaga
Growing Up
The Song Lantern
Ginza Cosmetics
The Tattered Wings
The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
Big Shots Die at Dawn
Kinugasa Teinosuke
The Idiot
The Tale of Zatoichi Continues
The Tale of Zatoichi
Seven Miles to Nakayama
An Actor’s Revenge