A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Akira Takahashi

Title Year
Dead Blossoms
Noble Lady Bound Vase
Oryu’s Passion: Bondage Skin
Skin of Roses
Madame Evening Glory
Secretary Rope Discipline
Rope Cosmetology
Black Panther Bitch M
Ecstasy of the Black Rose
Cruelty: Black Rose Torture
Woman of the Afternoon: Incite!
The Slave Wife
Rape Shot: Momoe’s Lips
Pleasure at the Hot Spring
Wet Highway
The Chase
Delinquent Girl: Alley Cat In Heat
Dead End
Female Teacher: Dirty Rumor
No Grave for Us
Sex Hunter: Wet Target
Image of a Bound Girl
Rope and Breasts
Blue Rain Osaka
Distant Thunder
The Hell-Fated Courtesan
Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market
The Four Roughnecks
Rape Hunter: Target Woman
Yakuza Justice: Erotic Code of Honor
Woods Are Wet
Wet Lust: 21 Strippers
The World of Geisha 2 – The Precocious Lad
Red Light District: Gonna Get Out
Rolling on the Road
Pleasure Campus: Secret Games
Path of the Beast
Woman with Wet Fingers
Lovers Are Wet
Ichijo’s Wet Lust
Ecstacy of the Black Rose
Retreat Through the Wet Wasteland
Night of the Felines
Love Hunter
Rape! 13th Hour
Girl’s Pleasure: Man Hunting
Fighting Elegy
The Woman with Red Hair