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Night of the Felines

Night of the Felines (1972)


68 min

Country: Japan

Director: Koji OkamotoNoboru Tanaka

Actors: Akemi YamaguchiAkira TakahashiHidemi HaraHidetoshi KageyamaKeiko MakiKen YoshizawaMasuo KinugasaTatsuya HamaguchiTomoko Katsura

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Pinku

Subtitle: English

4.75/ 5 1 votes
Movie plot

Set in a Shinjuku bathhouse brothel, the film uncovers the sexual eccentricities of everyday people. Focusing on three female sex workers, the colorful, unpredictable look into the hidden underbelly of Japanese nightlife is playful but also unafraid to explore the darker sides of the business. The fleeting nature of relationships in such an environment and the consequences of toying with feelings are presented with a melancholy tinge.

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