A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Isao Kimura

Title Year
Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai
Miyamoto Musashi: Showdown at Hannyazaka Heights
Yakuza of Seki
The Shape of Night
Mr. Pu
Four Sisters
Invitation from the Beach
Miyamoto Musashi: Duel at Hannya Hill
Miyamoto Musashi
Miyamoto Musashi: The Duel at Ichijo Temple
Miyamoto Musashi V: Musashi vs Kojiro
Miyamoto Musashi: Birth of Two Sword Style
Hero of the Red Light District
Confessions Among Actresses
The Story of Pure Love
The Affair
Affair in the Snow
Pastoral: To Die in the Country
Black Lizard
Beautiful Days
The Temple of Wild Geese
Our Marriage
Cruel Story of the Shogunate’s Downfall
Sazen Tange and The Secret of the Urn
Seven Samurai
Summer Clouds
Dancing Girl
Little Peach
Vacuum Zone
The End of a Day
High and Low
Stray Dog