A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Isuzu Yamada

Title Year
Taikoki – The Saga of Hideyoshi
Black River
Miss Okichi
The Lovelorn Geisha
The Spell of the Hidden Gold
Devil’s Statue
Daredevil in the Castle
Fencing Master
The Greatest Man in the World
Tsukigata Hanpeita
Five Men of Edo
Farewell to Dream
Three Loves
Shozo, a Cat and Two Women
The Downfall of Osen
Osaka Elegy
Bijomaru’s Famous Sword
Sisters of the Gion
Oyuki the Virgin
Fireworks Over the Sea
Sure Death
The Great Wall
Growing Up
Tsuruhachi and Tsurujiro
The Way of Drama
The Song Lantern
Onna keizu
Home Sweet Home
Tokyo Twilight
The Lower Depths
Throne of Blood