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Farewell to Dream

Farewell to Dream (1956)


78 min

Country: Japan

Director: Keisuke Kinoshita

Actors: Eijirô TônoIsuzu YamadaNobuo NakamuraNoriko AritaShin'ichi HimoriShinji TanakaTakahiro TamuraTeruko KishiYoshiko KugaYûko Mochizuki

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

4.67/ 5 3 votes
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Movie plot

A coming-of-age story portrayed as the loss of all youthful illusions. Sixteen-year-old Yoichi dreams of becoming a sailor. His parents are fishmongers, and Yoichi lives together with them and his four siblings in cramped living conditions. His beloved younger sister is given to a wealthy, childless uncle; his best friend moves away; the girl he fell in love with from afar is with someone else: little by little, Yoichi loses all the people that are important to him.

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