A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Jun Hamamura

Title Year
Hole in One
The Black Trademark
Black Sea of Trees
For Kayako
Preparation for the Festival
Lost Love
Bad Girl
The Vampire Doll
Traffic Jam
Case of the Disjointed Murder
Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters
Time Within Memory
Wet Lust: Opening the Tulip
Bitter End of a Sweet Night
The Inferno 1979
Without Complaint
Play it, Boogie-Woogie
The Man with a Shotgun
A Mummy’s Love
Watch Out, Crimson Bat!
The Catch
Cruel Story of Youth
Ten Black Women
Koto: The Ancient City
Lonely Heart
The Burmese Harp 1956
Being Two Isn’t Easy
Fighting Elegy
Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees
The Scandalous Adventures of Buraikan
The Demon
Ballad of Orin
A Legend, or Was It?
The Strange Tale of Oyuki
The Wolves 1955
Bamboo Doll of Echizen
Her Brother
Our Marriage
Samurai from Nowhere
Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades
Stolen Pleasure
Zatoichi’s Vengeance
The Broken Commandments