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Case of the Disjointed Murder

Case of the Disjointed Murder (1977)


140 min

Country: Japan

Director: Chûsei Sone

Actors: Jun HamamuraJunko MiyashitaJunko NatsuKazuya KosakaMasakazu KuwayamaRyôhei UchidaRyûnosuke KanedaTakahiro TamuraTakashi KandaTetsuro Sagawa

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

In the summer of 1947, various men and women gather at a mansion in the countryside at the invitation of Kazuma Utagawa. They are artists, novelists, poets, painters, playwrights, actresses, etc. Then the murders begin, one after another. The incident seemed to have no continuity…

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