A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Kei Satô

Title Year
Fateful Mountain Pass
The Notorious Bored Samurai
Naked Ambition
Band of Ninja
Tokyo Trial
Volunteering for Villainy
Assignment Cloud
Lost Love
Evil Spirits of Japan
Golden Partners
Erotic Liaisons
The Wicked Reporter 2: The Rebirth of Horserace Betting
The Man Who Assassinated Ryoma
Let Him Rest in Peace
Duel of Blood and Sand
The Ninja Hunt
The Ceremony
Captive’s Island
Eleven Samurai
Glorious Fights
Day Dream
Clouds at Sunset
The Execution Game
Tokyo Bay
Bullet Wound
Aoi: Tokugawa Three Generations
The Tattooed Hitman
The Sun’s Burial
Diary of a Shinjuku Thief
Night and Fog in Japan
Death by Hanging
Dear Summer Sister
Cruel Story of Youth
Dioxin from Fish!
Resurrection of the Golden Wolf
Group Burglars Break the Magistrate’s Office
Three Resurrected Drunkards
Violence at Noon
Samurai Spy
The Killing Game
The Man Who Stole the Sun
Hymn to a Tired Man
Mother 1963
Live Today, Die Tomorrow!
Japanese Summer: Double Suicide
Bored Hatamoto: The Kaga Conspiracy
Bushido, Samurai Saga
The Wolves
The Christian Revolt
The Third Ninja
Tabaruzaka: Saigo Takamori – The Real Last Samurai
The Yagyu Military Art: Yagyu List
The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity
The Revolt
The Sword of Doom
Devil’s Temple
Inn of Evil
Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
Young Boss
Sword Devil
Japanese Godfather: Conclusion
Pleasures of the Flesh
Zatoichi’s Conspiracy
Zatoichi’s Vengeance