A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Kyôsuke Machida

Title Year
Brothers Serving Time
Black Trump Card
Abashiri Prison
Red Peony Gambler
Memoir of Japanese Assassinations
A Scarred Life 2: Blood Will Tell
Trials of an Okinawa Village
Gambler: Victory Without Death
A Wad of Notes
A Scarred Life
Showdown of Men 3
The Domain: Duel at Thunder Gate
Seven Gamblers
The Last Kamikaze
Wolf Guy
Code of Wolves
Escape from Japan
Red Peony Gambler: Execution of Duty
Red Peony Gambler: Biographies of a Gambling Room
Red Peony Gambler: Second Generation Ceremony
Street Mobster
Bloodstained Clan Of Honor
Prison Walls of Abashiri 3
Three Gamblers
The Domain: Kanto Legends of Chivalry
The Kanto Scarlet Cherry Gang
Brutal Tales of Chivalry 5: Man With The Karajishi Tattoo
The Sunshine Girl
Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Game
Red Peony Gambler: Here to Kill You
Female Ninja Magic
The Last True Yakuza
Showdown of Men: Tetsu, the White Tiger
Outlaw: Gangster VIP
Code Between Brothers 5
The School of Spies
Zatoichi and the Fugitives
Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro’s Birth