A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Meiko Kaji

Title Year
The Silent Sword: Loyalty and Honor
There’s Someone Watching
Main Line to Terror
Blood For Blood
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion
Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
Under the Open Sky
Double Suicide of Sonezaki
Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter
Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal
Melody of Rebellion
The Homeless
Samurai Justice SP – The Female Bodyguard
Samurai Justice SP: A Duel at Takadanobara
Samurai Justice – Mother & Daughter
Samurai Justice: Assistance in a Duel
Wandering Ginza Butterfly: She-Cat Gambler
Wandering Ginza Butterfly
Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo
Stray Cat Rock: Beat ’71
Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance
The Symbol of a Man: The Rule for a Vagabond
Step on the Gas!
Lone Wolf & Child: Assassin on the Road to Hell
Magistrate Toyama – Conspiracy of a Beautiful Woman
Yakuza Graveyard
New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 2: Head of the Boss
Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Complete Saga
Blind Woman’s Curse
Lady Snowblood
Onihei Crime Files: Heizo the Demon
Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701’s Grudge Song
Lullaby of the Earth
Jeans Blues: No Future
Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima
Tree Without Leaves
Onihei Crime Files: The Inside Woman
Onihei Crime Files: Conscience of a Worm
Onihei Crime Files: Bungoro Amabiki
Onihei Crime Files: A Bandit Wedding
Onihei Crime Files: Unibrow