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Afternoon Breezes

Afternoon Breezes (1980)


105 min

Country: Japan

Director: Gorô NakajimaHitoshi Yazaki

Actors: Mari AtakeNaomi ItoSetsuko AyaYōshi Sugita

Genres: Romance, Drama

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Natsuko nurses a helpless crush on her roommate Mitsu and tries to possess her for herself by generating conflict between Mitsu and her boyfriend, Hideo. Mitsu discovers what is happening and throws Natsuko out of the apartment. But Natsuko cannot bring herself to sever the one-way emotional bond.

Movie plot

Natsuko’s co-worker Etsuko asks her how she feels about men. “Not for me,” she says, “I won’t degrade myself.” Based on an actual newspaper story, Afternoon Breezes presents Natsuko’s repressed lesbianism as a crush which evolves into an obsession with her roommate Mitsu.

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