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Case of a Young Lord 2

Case of a Young Lord 2 (1956)

52 mins

Country: Japan

Director: FUKADA Kinnosuke

Actors: HASEGAWA YumikoHOSHI MichikoOkawa Hashizo

Genres: Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

After getting permission to dig up the pawnbroker’s grave, Young lord samurai was surprised to find the body was missing, as was the Gosu plate. He had a suspect in mind, and was able to use him to learn of the pawnbroker’s hideout and try to piece together the parts of the puzzle. A superb and exciting conclusion to a very clever mystery story set during the Golden Age of Japan. With no easy questions and his life hanging in the balance, can Young lord solve the mystery and regain the valuable plate?

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