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Crimson Bat – Oichi: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Crimson Bat – Oichi: Wanted, Dead or Alive (1970)

めくらのお市 命貰います

86 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hirokazu Ichimura

Actors: Jun TazakiKatsumi MunakataMeichô SoganoyaReiji ShojiReiko OshidaShigeo TakamatsuShinji TakanoToshie ShojiYōko MatsuyamaYuki Meguro

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Oichi the Blind helps a woman escape the clutches of a high government official to go off with the man she loves. The official puts a reward on her head of fifty gold pieces and soon a menagerie of bounty hunters are after her skin. Three of them band together to accomplish this, one an expert swordsman, another a huge judo master and the third is deadly with a chain. To escape, she heads for the fishing town of Itso but soon comes face to face with Sankuro, the swordsman…

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