A-Z list

Movie by Director: Kihachi Okamoto

Title Year
Dynamite Don-Don
Warring Clans
Magistrate of the Floating World
Samurai Assassin
The Last Gunfight
The Human Bullet
Floating Clouds
Rainbow Kids
Westward Desperado
Vengeance for Sale
The Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman
The Battle of Okinawa
Epoch of Murder Madness
Oh, Bomb!
Battle Cry
Dixieland Daimyo
Fort Graveyard
East Meets West
Desperado Outpost
The Sword of Doom
Blood Type: Blue
The Big Boss
Big Shots Die at Dawn
At This Late Date, the Charleston
Blueprint of Murder
Red Lion
Japan’s Longest Day
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo